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21 Apr
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Ride Out
Peter Street, Atlanta Georgia
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  • Speaker:Davinci Barcelo
  • Tickets:Free
  • Starting at :04:20 PM
  • Price:$0
A traditional social gathering of like minded folks networking to have a good time.  A "ride out" is when a small group of enthusiast venture on a mini road trip in a vehicle to an area based destination.  Play your music and enjoy the positive energy of the presence of other folks on a similar adventure.  Always be safe and abide by all traffic laws for your safety.  Don't drink, smoke, or text and drive.
21 Apr
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96 Freaknik

i85 at exit 86 from 4pm - 7pm
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You asked for it, here it is. Participate at your own risk,
freaknik map of shut down
freaknik map

Annual event will be in

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Webmaster 01 Mar

In pursuant with our aim to provide a safe event for the public to enjoy at no cost, we need your support.  The sponsor shirt is our alternative way to support this event and privately compensate the police officers for their service.  As it stands, this event will not cost taxpayers a single dime and […]

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City of Atlanta Approves

Webmaster 01 Mar

The City of Atlanta has officially permitted the event to take place as described.  Major key, it’s the first time the event has been granted a street in over ten years. We are appreciative to all members of the Mayors Office and Atlanta Police Department that decided to work with us during this process.

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Progress Made

Webmaster 09 Feb

The Fire Permit was approved yesterday by the City of Atlanta.  A few more steps and we are good to go!

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